How to Spend a Day in Madrid, Spain

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1. Explore the Reina Sofia Museum

Reina Sofia is one of the biggest art museums in all of Madrid. It mainly contains permanent exhibitions of paintings done in and for Spain from the 19th to the 21st century. Some of the major names you might recognise on display include Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Juan Gris and Luis Buñel. There is also some temporary exhibitions you can also visit if they take your fancy.

2. Eat at the S. Miguel Markets

I highly recommend making your lunch stop here in Madrid! You might think that it could be just your average market place but it really isn’t! This market is a tapas market! It’s where there are a variety of different market stalls selling their handmade tapas. Ranging from seafood and servings on bread, to desserts and wines. I had to try a wide range of different tapas, and I must say they were all extremely delicious. There is also a fabulous atmosphere inside which adds to the experience!

3. Visit the Royal Palace

The royal palace in Madrid is the largest palace in all of Europe. The original palace burnt down and was then rebuilt by the French, as they had married into the Spanish Royal line and ended up ruling over Spain. It is said that the French royals burnt down the palace on purpose so they could build one to their own taste. As when the fire occurred, none of the royals were home and out on a day trip. Suspicious? There are many things you can see in the palace grounds itself. You can visit and walk through an entire floor of the Royal palace, and the rooms are amazing, you are constantly staring at the huge amount of decoration. There is an exhibition of art work that the royals have out on display for you to view, including a painting my Michelangelo of the beheaded John the Baptist. You can go down and view the Royal armoury, which has even the children’s armour which is so tiny! There are also the Royal gardens you can visit and picnic in.

4. See the Madrid Cathedral

This is one of the coolest cathedral’s I have been in in my travels, as it’s different to most European Cathedrals. As you walk into the unusually built cathedral, the ceiling will instantly catch your eye. Why? As instead of having the traditional church like paintings, it’s has very bright colours in many different patterns. Definitely not what you would expect! Walking around it is a very large cathedral with other amazing features as well. Definitely worth a visit if u want to see something different!

5. Walk around Plaza Mayor

This is main plaza/town square of Madrid. Back in the day before Arena’s existed, the main square would of been for bull fighting. In the main square you will find many performers and restaurants where you can help yourself to more glorious tapas!

6. Soak up the atmosphere at Puerta Del Sol

More commonly known for the metro stop “Sol”, this is the other main square of Madrid, which is instead surrounded by large shop companies and restaurants leading off down the side streets. It is also a bit like the Piccadilly Circus square of London for Madrid, with large electronic advertising boards. The square is also constantly full of people so make sure you mind your bag!

7. Gran Via (shopping Strip) 

Welcome to the main shopping strip of Madrid where you can find most major shops you can think of. With many other small and cute boutiques, your tourist stands of postcards and different street foods you can try!

8. Tapas for Dinner

One cannot finish a day off in Madrid with more Spanish tapas. One can never get sick of tapas… Ever…

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