It’s a Wee Bit Hilly… The Highlands of Scotland!!!

Ahh the Highlands of Scotland. I must say they did not fail to impress me at all, they did the opposite and just took my breath away!

Culloden Battlefield

Culloden… What a very dark and horrible history. You would all of heard the tales of the civil wars that constantly went on between Scotland and England. This is the battlefield where the final battle occured. Walking into Culloden is a very surreal experience. In this final battle, the Scottish were ambushed by the English, and being the courageous and brave people the Scotts are, they didn’t surrender for that final battle even though they knew they wouldn’t win. Thousands of proud Scotts lost their lives that day.

The consequences of this battle resulted in the English nation banning the wearing of the kilt and the playing of the bagpipes. The Scottish only got this right back when Queen Victoria came into rule! Visiting this historic site it is very important to pay your respects as you also have to remember that you are walking on a mass grave as well. The historic site has red flags to show where the English front line is and blue flags to mark the Scottish front line. Headstones have also been erected for the many different clan members who lost their lives that day.

Clava Clairns

Clava Clairns is from the same time period that Stonehenge is. The great thing about it that’s better than Stonehenge is you can walk amounghst the erected stones and stone circles. It is amazing how these stones have stayed in the same places for this amount of time and it’s great that everyone respects it so much they don’t need to worry about vandalism. It is considered a very sacred sight. For those of you who are Outlander fans, this is where some of the scenes were shot!

Loch Ness

I must say I was very disappointed that I didn’t get to catch up with my mate Nessie! Loch Ness is a very beautiful loch but bloody freezing if you decide to go swimming! You won’t stay in there too long even on a sunny day like when I visited. A loch is a very deep water channel that is inland and the shape has been carved out from volcanoes. The legend of Nessie is a famous one which you have all heard. There are many different theories and investigations that have taken place but still have come to no conclusion. There is a small museum here also explaining the different theories and the investigations that have taken place.

Glenfinnan Viaduct

“You’re a wizard Harry!” “I’m a what?” I visited the Glenfinnan Viaduct which is more famously known as the Harry Potter bridge that the Hogwarts express goes on. This was definitely a highlight seeming I am such a big Harry Potter fan. We went on a hike to get to the bridge and a perspective that most tourists don’t go to view when the steam train goes across, which made it all the better and not having to fight for a camera space for the great photo opportunity. We had some other group members put on the appropriate Harry Potter theme music and we sat their and waited for about an hour to see the train go past. It was definitely worth the wait!


Glencoe is one of the most famous Glen’s in the Highlands. It’s has a form of three hills known as the three sisters. Whilst at Glencoe we also decided to go for a wee paddle in the stream, it was cold but nothing like Loch Ness! It was rather refreshing…

Corrieshalloch Gorge

The Scottish version compared to the Aussie version… A lot less orange! Instead there is a lot of greenery, as a lot more plants can grow and along with more moss. The waterfall here is beautiful and they have a very unique bridge as well which no more than 6 people at one time are meant to be on.

The Scenery

No matter how many roads you drive or loch’s you see in the highlands, the scenery will just constantly amaze you. You will feel the at you need to stop constantly for th amazing vies and photo opportunities. No words can describe it, and no photos can do it justice.

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