The Eclectic Town of Porto

Port Wine Tasting and Tour

 One cannot go to Porto, without trying the local Port. After all, it is how this town in Portugal got it’s name. I visited a company called Croft port. Here we got a tour of the storage area of where the massive barrels of port are kept. It was explained to us how port must be stored in warm humid conditions for it to retain it’s high percentage of alcohol, it’s sweetness and it’s rich depth in colour.

Interesting Facts:

  • Ports have different colours based on how long they have been stored for and whether they have been open to oxidation.
  • Oxidation makes the colour of port lighter than its renound deep ruby colour. 

At the end of the tour you get to try three of their ports. Which one would be your favourite?

Sé Cathedral 

Sé Cathedral is different to most churches you may have been in. This cathedral is made up of four different styles. Some of these include Gothic and Medievil. Walking into the church, it has your normal church set up with many gold leaf features. This church also has an amazing view over the city from its front door steps!

The Cloisters in Sé Cathedral

For those who are Harry Potter fans, there are many ideas in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone which are based on this town in Portugal, as J.K. Rowling did spend some time living here. Her ideas for the main stone square of Hogwarts came from the cloisters at the Sé Cathedral in Porto. And by the pictures you can see how it is pretty much an exact match! Being the big fan I am, I couldn’t refuse some galavanting around and playing Harry Potter as is evident in the photos. I did feel like a kid whose dreams had come true reenacting the final battle at Hogwarts with my rolled up piece of paper as a wand!

Livraria Lello (Harry Potter Bookshop)

This is famously known around Portugal as the bookshop that gave J.K. Rowling the inspirational idea for the changing and moving staircases in Hogwarts castle. The staircase in the middle of the shop starts by going up as one and then splits and divides. In the bookshop their are a wide range of books in different languages and different contexts. There are also some funny little booms in their about different family members and how they are seen within the family. 

The Tower

By far, the best view over the city. In summer, you generally have a little bit of a wait to climb up the tower but the views are definitely worth it. As you go through the building to get to the tower, there are different museum rooms about the church and tower, especially when it was built and how it received its funding.  There are two levels in the tower for which you can take in the view.  This view just made me fall even more in love with this beautiful town.

Strolling the Streets

Walking through the streets, the architecture is very cute and sweet, with orange roof tops and pastel painted walls. All buildings generally have cast iron balconies which just make them even cuter!

Portuguese Custard Tart

You cannot come to Portugal and not try the famous Portugal custard tart. You will not be disappointed. Bakers produce hundreds everyday as it is a regular item of the Portuguese diet!

Porto Sunset 

I highly recommend getting to the top of the hill where you can see the Rivera, also known as the waterfront along the river, the bridges etc to get the most spectacular view of this sunset. The sunset can be electric and you just watch in awe.

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