Exploring the Isle of Skye!


This is the little town I stayed in Skye for two nights. We had our own little house for the tour group which made it quite special. This little town consisted of one pub on the water and a few streets of houses. There was also some old ruins of a small castle on the hill overlooking the bay where supply boats used to come in back in the olden days.

The days in Skye were long with sunshine, however the hours passed way to quickly still. It was light until 11:30pm and sunny by 4am, how I would love to have this kind of light all year round! I watched the sunset from the ruined castle and it painted one of the most beautiful sunsets. You can see how it is rated one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world!

Faerie Pools

Faerie pools is what I believe one of the most majestic places to visit on the Isle of Skye. The pools are crystal clear and reflect many different colours from the sun. These pools get their name from an old folk tale of Scotland. It was believed that a clan chief’s son was taken, and was feared murdered by those of another clan. The clan chief went hunting for his son and decided to visit other clans in hope of finding him. Other clan’s also joined the search in finding this clan chief’s son, however they were unsuccessful. One day, a boy was delivering some goods and took the forbidden path along these pools, where he saw the chief’s son with the faeries. He ran back and told his chief, the chief was then able to retrieve his son and made a deal with the faeries. Walking along these pools, there are different sized waterfalls, pools and streams. Another beautiful place…

The Old Man of Storr

See those big rocks, yep those super big ones up near those clouds? Yep, I climbed that mountain and those rocks… And boy… What a climb! In the climb up the first half of the mountain you were thinking, oh this climb would be over soon as you are puffing. You get nearly to what you think is the top and then you are greeted by an even steeper climb and you think… Oh shit… Actually that wasn’t that bad… Come on I can do this as well! As you climbed up and looking back from where you had come, the view is definitely amazing!

When near the top, we thought we would try and climb to the very top as if you touch it, it is said that you will have good sex for seven years, so why not!? I worn that this is not an easy climb, but if you feel you can do it, I highly recommend it!

Kilt rock 

 The Edge of the Island! Kilt rock is the nearly the most northern part of the island. It is also said to be where many dinosaur fossils have been found and made big steps in our scientific history. This feature of the island also has a beautiful walk and if you wish you can take a walk with the dinosaurs! 


 Two mountains right next to each other but yet so different. The one on the right is known for the climbing and walking the ridge across the top. Which we were told by our tour guide it is a very thrilling experience as he has done it of course. The mountain on the left is used for a big sporting event each year and the thrill of trying to break the world record. The current world record to climb up it and down again is 30 minutes… Insane right!?! There is a folk story about this area on the Isle of Skye as well, which involves a battle between man and woman, and a child bringing them both peace.


 Portree is the main town to stop in the Isle of Skye and where the bigger schools are located. This town is also famously known for it’s bright painted houses along the foreshore of the town. It is also said that this town has the best ice cream in all of Scotland and that it is 100% organic. And of course, it still has spectacular views, even from the the Highland games grounds! You need to make a lunch stop here.

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