A Quick Guide to Dublin

Dublin is famously known for its cute cobbled streets, classic pubs and a world built on words. It is the cultural hub of Ireland! Dublin is never a dull place with many things to occupy the tourist. Whether it is popping into a pub to listen to some live Irish music, visiting the museums or having a pint of fresh Guinness! Here is everything you need to know about visiting Dublin for a few days!


Peak Travel Season: Summer

Population: 527, 612+ (2011)

Language: English, Irish

Currency: Euro

Climate: damp, mild, changeable (be prepared for all weather)

On Arrival from the Airport

There are a variety of options to get to and from the airport just outside Dublin. There is the usual taxi option, but for those of you who like to travel on a budget, a bus or coach is your best option. There are five different bus companies you can use and you can choose which one would be your best option on the Dublin Airport Website. The Airlink Dublin Bus is the cheapest option with a single costing €6 and a return €10, and stops in the city centre, bus station and main city landmarks.

Getting Around

Dublin is a great city to explore by foot, as all the main attractions are within walking distance of one another. Exploring the city by foot is a great way to experience the cities vibe and get a feeling for the place you are visiting. The only public transport I would recommend catching is a bus to the Guinness Storehouse, as it is about a 20 minute walk from the city centre. A city fare will set you back €0.75. And if you were like me going towards the end of the day, your feet are already knackered and you are just looking forward to that pint with that amazing view!

What to See


National History Museum

This is now one of the most fascinating museums I have ever been into. It is a museum full of taxidermist animals from all over the world, and I have never seen a collection this large before. Definitely worth a look and explore!

Trinity College

Ireland’s most prestigious University in the heart of the city. All the buildings are from the 18th and 19th century with the most visited building being the library, also known as the Long Room. You need to pay admission price to enter the Long Room, as the long room houses over 200, 000 of the library’s oldest volumes including the famous “Book of Kells”.

Dublin Castle

If you like Castles, this one is located in the centre of Dublin and is very easy to get to and walk around the outside. It currently houses the Irish Government, and the only way you can see the inside is by booking a guided tour. In the guided tour you will visit the state apartments, and the excavation of the former Powder Tower.

Temple Bar

A famous cobbled street in the city centre with many restaurants, pubs and bars. be prepared to pay tourist prices though!

St Patricks Cathedral

Ireland’s largest church that was built between 1191 – 1270 and is one of the most visited sites in Dublin.

Guinness Storehouse

The storehouse and original brewery of Guinness! The famous Irish stout that has reached the all corners of the world today. The storehouse takes you through 8 different levels of history and drinking Guinness. When you reach the top and receive your free pint of guinness you have the most amazing view of the whole city of Dublin with important land marks pointed out. You could spend hours up here with this view and many pints of Guinness.

Kilmainham Gaol

If you are interested in the gory details of the British rule over Ireland and the Irish resistance, this place is a must!

National Museum of Ireland

Learn about Ireland’s heritage, celtic traditions, jewellery and way of life. A very interesting museum about Ireland’s history.

Chester Beatty Library

Located in the grounds of Dublin Castle, this world famous library houses the collection of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty. The collection includes rare books, clay tablets, over 20, 000 manuscripts, paintings, costumes, and other historical objects of significant importance.

Grafton Street

The best and most popular shopping area of the city.It is always thriving with visitors, locals and street performers.

Stiffy on the Liffey

In the peak of Ireland’s wealth in the EU, they built this random monument that looks like a sewing needle sticking up in the air on the north side of the Liffey river. Or as the local like to call it; Stiffy on the Liffey!

What to Eat and Drink

What should you eat and drink in Dublin? Well the first obvious answer is to drink plenty of Guinness! If you have ever had guinness at a pub outside of Ireland, it isn’t always that fresh tasting compared to when it is constantly running through the tap in Ireland. You have to try it even if you are not a stout person. You can taste the difference!

To get the true Irish experience you need to wine and dine in a local pub. Most nights there is always a live Irish band playing the traditional Irish music, and the music is fantastic! If you find a pub that doesn’t have music on that night I would recommend looking for one that does.

In terms of food, Ireland is famous for its stew, potato and fish and chips! It would be a crime against Dublin not to eat like a local, so make sure you have this experience. You won’t regret it!



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