10 Things to do in a Weekend in Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital city of Stockholm and is the most popular city of the Nordic countries. Stockholm is connected by 57 bridges over 14 islands and is totally compact and walkable which is the best way to explore the city. Stockholm is great for its character districts, amazing cuisine, unbeatable and endless museums.

Peak Travel Season: Summer, May – August

Population: 789,024+

Language: Swedish, most can speak English as a second language

Currency: Swedish Kronor

1. Old Town (Gamala Stan)

Gamble Stan is the oldest part of Sweden when it first came about. Originally the town was invaded and those who lived there couldn’t be bothered fighting so they picked up there lives and moved here. The old town reminds me a lot of walking around the streets of Florence and Verona. Think cobbled stones, little cute shop fronts, boutiques and it also happens to be filled with a lot of Italian restaurants. Gamble Stan has a very majestic feel to it, you could walk around exploring and get lost very easily. Although you wouldn’t mind!

2. The City Hall


The city hall is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Stockholm. It is known for hosting the noble prize awards which is televised worldwide every year. They have the sitting down part of the function in the blue hall where they fit more than one person per square metre. Each person only has 60cm of movement when dining. However if you are Royal you get 70cm whoop whoop!!! They then have the dancing etc in the gold hall which is just above. The stairs coming down from the gold hall were especially designed for women in there ball gowns and heels. The architect of this great building made his wife climb down several sample stairs in these items to find the most comfortable.

3. Skansen – Open Air Museum

The world’s first open air museum. you can see a compact history of Sweden in miniature including some of native Swedish animals!

4. The Vasa Museet

  The Vasa Museum…. Just one word WOW!!! This is the top attraction for Stockholm. The vasa museum is based around a ship that was completed in 1628 and sunk in that same year. To me it looks like one of the big ships of the Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s everything you think a big pirate ship might look like. The ship was built under the king’s wishes. However when it set sail, it only made a few miles before sinking as the ship was too top heavy. 50 people died in this tragedy.

5. The Royal Palace  

 The royal palace is still fully operational however the royals don’t live there. They live in a place out of the main city of Stockholm. The changing of the guard is different to the one in London. They also have trumpet music and sword demonstrations.

6. ABBA Museum

For those of you who are ABBA fans this place is for you. Think memorabilia, interactivity’s, and lots of music. Sensory overload to the max some may say.

7. The Waterfront (Stranduagen)

A great place to unwind in the afternoon or to have a morning coffee, especially on a sunny day. From the waterfront you can take in some of Stockholm’s best views, you will also find some very lovely cafe’s, restaurants and bars.

8. Fotografiska Museet

This place is not a museum a such. It is more a variety of large exhibitions of contemporary photographs. Well worth a visit!

9. The History Museum

From the Iron Age to present times, it spans over 10, 000 years of Swedish history and culture. Some of these artefacts include viking boats, medieval textiles and renaissance jewelry.

10. The Subway

Take a visit on the subway. Its not like any other subway though, it is pretty much an art gallery on this underground. There are paintings on the walls everywhere!

The Warm Belly… An intriguing part of Stockholm was coming across a statue out of one of the front of the opera house, and no matter what time of the year it is, her belly is always boiling warm. Strange huh?!? Was great for the cold hands though!

Been to Stockholm and have anything else to add on good places to visit? Make sure you share this in the comments below with other MOW readers!

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