Germany’s Best Christmas Markets

 Germany is said to have to best Christmas markets in the world and I couldn’t agree more! Going around Germany for three weeks I definitely got to experience most of their Christmas markets! Lots of gluhwein is drunk, nutella crepes eaten and many Christmas decorations purchased. If you are planning to travel to Germany at the end of November and during December, here are some of what I think, are the best Christmas Markets in Germany.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Known as the Christmas town of Germany, it is a must stop if you love everything Christmas and want to get the best Christmas market experience. This town is filled with pastel coloured buildings, a town wall, and a museum of terror if you’re up for something different, creepy and interesting! There are live Christmas bands, shops dedicated purely to Christmas that are open all year round, lots of sausage stands and many forms of Christmas decorations to fill your suitcase with.


Hamburg’s prettiest and most impressive Christmas Market is located outside the town hall.  These markets are hosted by a circus, which also means that all the punch is given out by clowns and circus artistes. The markets are filled with decorations from the Erzgebirge region and made by bakers, wood carvers and gingerbread makers. There are old fashioned rides including carousels, plenty of gluhwein to go around, or to take a stroll through the Christmas exhibitions in the museums.


The business capital of Europe, Frankfurt has Christmas markets in all different spots throughout the city, with the main one being in the historical old town. Frankfurt is one of the oldest Christmas markets in all of Germany. Frankfurt’s Christmas market is famous for a number of Christmas delicacies including; small almond biscuits, Bethmannchen, hot apple wine, colourful nuts and Quetschemannchen. Another main feature of this markets is the Honey House in St Paul’s Square. This building is over 300 years old and is assembled every year for the markets. It carries a huge rich variety of honey based products such as honey wine, goods made of beeswax, candles and different varieties of honey.


Located in the middle of Germany and one of the hubs of old Nazi Germany is the city of Nuremburg. Nuremburg is one of the German cities that has seen some of the most devastating destruction from war. However still standing is the castle and some amazing Cathedrals that have been repaired from the damage. Nuremburg holds one of my favourite markets in all of Germany. The markets are located in several squares next to each other in the city centre. They have constant live performances and bands on the main stage, rows and rows of food stalls, Christmas decorations, and everything you could possibly imagine. They also have their own symbol of Christmas who is an angel who has really big blonde curly hair. And as you can see if you have that wig on you become popular with the locals.


Hannover’s Christmas markets takes place in the historic town square around the Ballhofplatz and the market Church. In Hannover there are over 150 beautifully decorated stalls selling wooden toys, tree and house decorations, craftwork and carved items. There is entertainment for children and adults. There are other Christmas markets located around Hannover including the historical Christmas village. Here you will find skilled potters, traditional candle makers and glass blowers. Hannover is a great shopping destination for everything Christmas.


Located in the main outside mall of the city are the Munich Christmas markets leading to the square of the Munich’s Town Hall. Munich has a lot of mingling with other people, by always having a mulled wine in your hand or talking to the store owners. It is also great to see when the town hall clock chimes every hour. Little figurines come out and do a dance and there are a variety of chiming songs which makes this building super impressive.


Berlin has several Christmas markets in different areas of the city center. Some have constant live performances; others are all about the food.  Berlin is also one of the cheaper Christmas markets to visit in Germany. It is also cheap for accommodation if you’re looking to stay for a few days.


Located in the heart of the black forest, is the cute Christmas market of Freiburg. Freiburg has lots of cobbled streets, craft shops and small town squares.  Freiburg’s markets are one of the prettiest markets in Germany with very friendly locals. Being in the heart of the black forest it also gives you a great opportunity to go for a hike through the forest.

If you are wanting to collect something from your German Christmas experience, I recommend the gluhwein cups as all are different and unique for every market in Germany!

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