10 Reasons to Move Abroad

Ever thought about the prospect of moving abroad? The thought just constantly teases you, and you can’t make up your mind if you should drop everything and do it? Here are 10 reasons why you should consider living abroad for while. Most importantly it helps you grow as a person and it something you will never regret!

1. Love yourself and Travel

The main reason why most of us move abroad in the first place is to travel and see more of the world. This was the main reason for me besides having an unstable income, so why not move abroad and give it a go? The travelling is something you won’t regret but also be prepared to travel solo if you want to see all the places on your list. I have travelled solo for most of my time abroad but have met great people along the way who have added to the adventure.

2. Learn a different way to life

Even though I thought the cultures from Australia to Britainwould be very similar, they are quite different in their own little ways. For example, the pub culture over here is fantastic. Cosy, warm little pubs with dark wood interiors consuming stout, as where our pubs are light, large and airy drinking cold cider. There are also little challenges that you will face an overcome to help you grow as a person.

3. Become more independent 

When living abroad you really do have to stand on your own two feet. There is longer an older person or a friend to protect you or help you out with anything. It comes down to you. However, it is a great way to grow and is something that is very positive!

4. Your bored with your current life

Moving abroad might be something that will help spice up your life again, help you grow in your career or just something fun to try. Travelling and living abroad is starting to become famously known as the quarter midlife crisis, a well worth crisis I must say!

5. Spread your wings

Spread your wings and learn how to fly. I feel like I have done this with my experience. I have become more educated, compassionate and tolerant of different faiths, cultures, backgrounds and opinions, and am a better person for this.

6. Get more and better experience in your career

Take leaps and bounds in your career by getting experience working abroad. It will do wonders for your career back in your home country. International experience is always something that is highly desired and recognised in most professions. 

7. Broaden your horizons and mindset

Get rid of those narrow minded thoughts about the world and open your eyes to different cultures, living conditions and the order of law in foreign countries. It will make you grateful of your home country and the luxuries you have to those who are less fortunate than yourself. 

8. Challenge yourself

Set yourself challenges while you are living abroad. Whether it is learning a foreign language, getting better budgeting skills to allow for travel or to meeting new people. Any challenge that can be overcome, builds up your resilience and will make you willing to take on new challenges in the future.

9. Create a global network of friends and colleagues 

With your new job and travelling you will be able to create a global network that you can always call on. Especially of those who are in the same position as you travelling the world, they will always be up for being your friend. It is generally rare that people are unwelcoming, and if they are, they are not worth your time when you can make friends with others. This has been one of my lessons I have learnt since leaving Australia. 

10. Put your best foot forward 

You can’t hope to achieve any great outcomes without  putting your best foot forward with a positive mindset. I have constantly been asked by people I have met over here “how can you remain so positive about everything that goes wrong or is not enjoyable?” And it’s really simple, see a positive in everything you do, even if you don’t enjoy it. It could always be worse. In my opinion, you can only make things worse if you have a negative mindset. Have a “you can do it” attitude and it will become hard to falter. 

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