Prague’s Top 10 Attractions

Prague is a fabulous city, commonly known as the city of spires and gothic buildings. Yet despite all these religious spires, Prague is one of the most atheist cities in the world. People say this is due to communism reign and many religious wars, and the Czech people are now sick of being told what to believe.  Due to the city still recently coming out of its communist reign, it is a very affordable city to visit where many adventures can be found and memories made.

1. Prague Castle

Prague castle is the largest castle in all of Europe. You can see it when standing in the old town. It takes up such a huge space! It originally only started off with a few buildings with St Vitus Cathedral in the middle, but more palaces were built over the years and each building has a special story to tell!

2. Jewish Quarter

The jewish quarter is now one of the most popular areas of Prague to visit. Jewish quarters were generally the most horrible places to live in cities as there were generally surrounded by water and were always liable to flooding. However, it is now one of the most expensive areas to live in Prague and is surrounded with designer shops. You can visit majority of the synagogue’s and the Jewish cemetery where over 12, 000 people have been buried.

3. Astronomical clock

One of the famous famous clocks in the world, although the performance can be quite underwhelming it is definitely most beautiful. The clock does it’s show on the hour with the turning of the apostles and the signs of sin. It is also the only astronomical clock in the world that still functions with all it’s original parts. Pretty impressive I think!

4. Charles bridge

One of the most beautiful gothic bridges I have come across. This limestone now black bridge from the 14th century connects the castle district to the old town. It is called Charles bridge after the famous bohemian King that once ruled the Czech Republic.

5. St Vitus Cathedral

St Vitus Cathedral is the biggest gothic structure in Prague and can be seen from inside the castle complex. The cathedral is filled with beautiful stained glass windows, a tower to climb to see the city of Prague, and many different little chapels.

6. National Theatre – Opera

The National Theatre is absolutely breath taking inside. You feel like one of those very posh people who go there when you take your seat in the red velvet chairs. Unfortunately the only way you can see the inside is by buying a ticket to see a show. While I was there they had a czech opera on which was good. They even have subtitles on a screen at the top of the stage so you can understand what the story is about, so never fear for not knowing what is going on!

7. Prague Monastary

If walk just a bit further up the hill away from the castle district you will come across the monastery of Prague. There is not much you can see up there. However, if you continue to walk along past the monastery and up the hill, you will come across a fabulous view and a structure that looks a lot like the Eiffel Tower but in mini. There are also two cafes up there! You are also able to catch a cable car from here down the hill back to the old town.

8. The Metronome 

Literally a ticking metronome when you learn to play a music instrument at the top of a hill, in a park overlooking Prague City centre. I loved this spot and with its graffiti all around it made for some cool shots!

9. Cocktail bars

You can’t not come to Prague and try some of the old town bars. Prague is very famous for it’s good nights out. There are two cocktails bars that I would highly recommend. Hemingway which is near Charles Bridge but tucked away so it isn’t often discovered by the tourists. They have a constantly changing menu of cocktails that they make up themselves and they are all so delicious. Anonymous is also a cool bar where you have to ask for a specific light/torch to be able to read the menu, they also bring the ingredients to the table and make the cocktail in front of you.

10. Old Town

The most popular part of Prague. There is a mixture of Architecture of bohemian and renaissance. Many tourist shops, cute cafes and little museums like the torture and Apple museum. There is generally something for everybody. Next time I would like to try out the jazz bars!

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