One Day in Athens

Athens is a wonderful city that is hugely enriched by so much ancient history that it will leave you inspired with your jaw hanging open. It is a place of friendly people, great food, amazing buildings and ancient ruins.

The best way I recommend to see this amazing the city is by buying a two day hop on hop off bus ticket for €22. As Athens is quite spread out and this bus tour will take you to all the important sites. I personally loved Athens for all its ancient ruins, culture and rich history. I find history quite fascinating, especially when you wonder how they came to build things like the acropolis and the Temple of Zeus.

The Acropolis 

The acropolis is one of the oldest ruins in the city, and is the sky line feature of Athens. It resides on top of one of Athens highest hills. If your are travelling in the sunnier six months of the year I highly recommend getting there when the attraction opens at 8am if you don’t want to share the attraction with loads of people. Which is how I prefer things, as being an Aussie I quite like my space when exploring. This monument is nearly 3,000 years old and it is amazing how everything is still standing. The Acropolis museum is at the bottom of the attraction and has a separate entry fee, but you can see the many artefacts that accompany this famous landmark.

Panathenaic Stadium

I had so much fun at the original olympic stadium! As many of you would know, the Olympics originated in Athens. Being a PE teacher and all, I had to go and have a look at Athens oldest stadium where the first Olympics were held. One thing I didn’t know though, was that originally all athletes competed in their events butt naked! The stadium has recently be refurbished back to its 100% marble condition and it is amazing. I could resist taking a run around the track and standing on the winners podium!

Piraeus Port

You would know Piraeus as the port from which all the ferries depart to go the greek islands. While the port is not pretty at all, some of the beach fronts and coves are nice with some good restaurants and cafes to sit at and soak up the sun! It is also not bad to go shopping if that is up your alley.

The Temple of Zeus 

There is not much left standing of the Temple of Zeus but either way it’s good to have a look around. Part of it still remains upright and makes for a fantastic sight with the acropolis the in background. It is also an archeological site where you can still see reminents of the original village around it, including an old bath house!

The Many Museums

You could get yourself lost for days in the amount of museums that Athens has to offer. They include the National Archeological Museum, Benaki, Acropolis, Greek folk, Natural History, the list goes on! You would need a week here to be able to visit them all!

The Food

From my trip around Greece, Athens definitely has some of the most tastiest food on offer. From moussaka, gyros, seafood, the options are never needing. And if you are up for it, there homemade wine is also quite tasty and cheap! You can easily down a couple of carafes with a friend….

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