Sunny Santorini

Santorini… by far my most favourite Island of the Greek Islands!!! Why? It’s pretty, the locals are very friendly, the volcanic landscape is amazing, oh and the greek food; Delicious!!! I spent four days in Santorini and would have not decreased my time here at all. Set on top of different volcanos makes for pretty waters, various coloured beaches, and who can forget about the picturesque blue and white architecture.

Hike the coast from Thira to Oia

The three hour hike from Thira to Oia is filled with amazing landscapes views, wild flowers and rugged terrain. It is also not a hike you set out to do in the middle of the day without water or in high heat. So be aware! I loved this hike and you sometimes feel like your walking on the edge when climbing the mountains!

Visit the Greek Orthodox Churches

The Greek orthodox churches are heavily decorated and definitely worth popping your head in to. They also tend to be most of the blue domed buildings. It was particularly interesting be here at easter time, with the locals coming in and kissing most things that had Jesus and and Mary on them. A lot more dedicated than what most christian religions are today.

Wonder the streets of Thira

The streets of Thira are very light, with open shop fronts focusing on jewellery, boutiques and ice-cream shops! The locals are more up for a conversation than trying to sell you their goods, and love to share their insight into the wonderful island of Santorini.

Visit the red, black and white beaches

Pick your colour! There are two black, one red and one white beach in Santorini! The red is probably the most drastic and best to see. The sand is a blood red colour, and the water is a bright blue. Take a book and just soak in the scenery!!!

Have a cocktail 

There are so many good places where you can just sit, have a cocktail and watch the sunset. A favourite place of mine was called PK’s. It is set into the cliff face with three different levels. The bar staff are incredibly friendly, you get loads of free popcorn and it feels rather posh. We had huge discussions with the barman as he was from England near where I teach and it was great to swap travel stories. He was also easy on the eyes….

Take photos of blue domes and watch the sunset in Oia

You cannot go to Greece and not do this…. it would be a tourist fail if you didn’t!

Eat a Gyros!!!

The most popular and cheap eat wrap to have in Santorini. The only thing I do not understand is…. Why does it have chips in it???


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