Being Cornish for the Weekend

A long weekend decided to pop it’s head in England, so the awesome Aussie squad decided we would head to Cornwall for three days of road tripping and adventuring! We had all heard how pretty Cornwall is and how it is the place where everyone goes in England in the summer for holidays. So it has to be a great place right? Definitely!!!

Day One

Off on our way to Cornwall we go! To break up the long drive to Cornwall we decided to stop in Salisbury and check out the Cathedral with the highest spire in all of the United Kingdom, and the home of the Magna Carta! If you do not know what this is, it is the oldest legal document in the UK where law applies to the royal family. This document is from the 1200’s. And best part, it was FREE! Always something any traveller loves!

It wouldn’t be a great road trip if we did not decide to embrace the English cliche’s. We stopped in Exeter in Devon to have Devonshire tea and scones of course!!! These would have to be the biggest scones I have ever had and you didn’t get just one…. you got TWO! And with endless jam and cream… English heaven right there…

On the way to Tintagel we stopped in the small town of Launceston for my friend who is from Launceston in Tasmania. So it was frantic visit of getting photos with all the signs and taking in the views from the castle tower. After this stop, the journey continued driving down narrow lanes, manoeuvring around other cars and reversing to find passing spaces. we eventually made it to Tintagel where we hiked along its dramatic coast and took in the amazing scenery!

Day Two

We woke up to windy rainy weather in Tintagel, but that would never stop us from exploring Tintagel Castle! And being the weather naive Australian I am, I totally forgot to pack a rain jacket or umbrella. Rookie move or what!? After exploring the ruins, we drove on towards Port Isaac. Also famously known for the TV show Doc Martin. A very pretty village with lots and lots of crabs to eat! So we had to stay and have crab for lunch in one of the pubs with a cornish cider!

We drove down south towards Penzance and visited St Michael’s Mount. Unfortunately the castle on the Island that you can walk over to at low tide was closed but it was good to have a walk around. We all agreed that it is the place you need to go if you need cold breeze to fix a hangover! We then drove through the small villages and my favourite name of one them was MOUSEHOLE!!! A very cute village where you also need to be good at your hill starts!

Our last stop of the day was the highlight of the trip. Visiting Minack Theatre! It is a theatre that was carved into the edge of a cliff by one women just before World War II. You learnt about how this amazing place was built and how it is still used for concerts today! We were really lucky that when we visited towards the end of the day, we got to watch a full rehearsal of the BBC Choir who were performing there that night! They were mostly Nanna’s or retired people. I wanna be a cool old person like that! If only I could sing well enough, school choir doesn’t really count does it? The sound and the acoustics with the view was just amazing! Would love to come back here in summer and to see a full concert!

Day Three

Our last day in Cornwall had an early rise with a visit to St Ives. One of Cornwall’s most picturesque towns. I just find it absolutely fascinating how the tide goes out so far that the boats are left beached and benches are placed there to eat fish and chips! Here we also concluded our tastings of our many Cornish pastries. 10am is never too early for a pasty right..?? We visited the Tate Gallery which had some interesting pieces of artwork and then moved on to the mines on the Cornish coast. Poldark country for those of you who love the show!

Land’s end was quickly followed after that. This is known as the most western point of the United Kingdom. It is also very common for people to walk or drive from the most northern point to the most western point. The sea colour here is cool colours and there are many activities to discover. To end off our trip we then drove to Lizard for visit the most southern point of the UK. I then started the 6 and a half hour journey back to London passing through the bright yellow canola fields. Just as well I am used to driving the large distances in Australia! To say I was dead for the work the next day was an understatement….

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