10 Characteristics of an Expat

Now that I have been living abroad as an expat in London for 18 months (wow! Where has the time gone?), I have met many other expats in my journey. And we all generally have very similar characteristics, values and outlooks on life. It is also probably why you always make friends with other expats first! Here are some those characteristics…

1. Love for Travel

Every expat will always love travel. If they don’t, why would they move abroad in the first place? They always have an eye on planning their next adventure and generally have a large bucket list to tick off…

2. Independent and Not Afraid of a Challenge

All expats have a strong sense of independence that they would not give up easily. They cannot imagine their life having to constantly rely on someone else. They tend to throw themselves in the deep end when moving abroad and travelling. They are not afraid of a challenge and will always come out on top of whatever life throws at them.

3. Have an Open Mindset

Expats are people who will never be quick to judge, be willing to try, see and do new things. Especially with food in different cultures!

4. An Eagerness to learn new things

Whether it is going to a museum to learn a country’s history, going to language classes or reading a book, expats are always require a thirst for knowledge.

5. Positivity

Always looking on the bright side of life! I mean things could always be worse, right? Why focus on the negatives when you can only move forward from what point you are at? Expats are pros at moving forward with their life and why worry about what you cannot change?

6. Social Butterflies

Expats are very sociable people and are always up for making new friends. This is why they are also good at being solo travellers. As soon as someone walks into their dorm room in a hostel, they will instantly introduce themselves.

7. Wonderers

Expats are wonderers. They left their home town to go and explore the world. They plan is open ended and not closed. If you ask them what their plan is for the future? They will always say I am just seeing how things will go and I will make decisions when I need to.

8. Easy Going

Some of the most laid back people you will ever meet. They won’t stress the small things.

9. Spontaneous

Always up for anything! You ask them to go join you, to do or try something, they will say YES!

10. Comfortable in their own skin

Expats are confident but not cocky, happy, adventurous, fun loving and don’t have many insecurities.  They know themselves well enough to know what they do and do not like.

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