What Moving Abroad Has Taught Me

  1. Relationships

Relationships are more important sometimes than you realise. Sometimes you take this for granted, but when moving abroad you find yourself wishing for company of someone nearest and dearest. We are lucky to live in an age where we can communicate with anyone at a moment’s notice, but it does not quite take the place of having someone sit at your kitchen table. Even something as simple as meeting another solo traveller can brighten your day and make the experience more fun and worthwhile. It is important to put yourself out there when moving abroad to make new connections, especially even if it is to share travel stories and broaden your perspective.

2. Life is a Roller Coaster!

You chose to travel knowing that there will be instability but you need to remember that is also part of the thrill. Challenges often teach you something and the best stories always start when you face your fear. Everyone has off days, more than you care to admit, but always remember these days teach you something about yourself and how you need to recharge. You need to rise above the waves of insecurity as they always pass. Even though Instagram tells you travel is all sunshine and daisy’s, it wouldn’t be life without the ups and downs.

3. Try New Things

Having new experiences is how you learn, you can’t experience a culture from your hostel room. So be courageous, follow your curiosity and get out there. You will find yourself always comparing things to home, but this allows you to better understand the world. Plan your itinerary around buying experiences, not things, as these are the memories that you will take with you.

4. Trust Yourself

You may not always know where life is taking you, follow your heart, your intuition and rely on your independence and you will always land on your feet. If you look after your body and your mind, you will not only make good choices, but it will allow you to truly enjoy your experiences. Remember to be grateful that you get to live such an adventurous life. Always keep your resilience by your side as you will often need to solve problems and get past challenges.

5. Don’t Stress!

Often people travel to find themselves and get impatient when it does not present itself. Finding your path isn’t always like following the yellow brick road. There are endless numbers of paths your life can take, and if you constantly concern yourself with the destination, you will forget to enjoy the little things in your journey.

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  1. Laurie Wilson says: Reply

    Very Proud of you Camille. More than I could ever imagine.

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