An Expat’s Bucket List to London

I have now been an expat in London for 18 months and a friend asked me to see the expat side of London when she visited. I had never really thought about London in this light, and it is surprising how much you begin to act like a local even though you may be from a small Australian country town. Expats are definitely more random in their choices and view life slightly different to the normal London local. They are definitely more sensible than us! So if you ever move to London, you will end up finding yourself doing these things or also experiencing these annoyances. 

  1. You still get excited by red robins and squirrels
  2. You buy a cheap return ticket with Ryanair from stansted airport and fly to another country for the weekend
  3. You love going to brunch in Putney, Fulham and Clapham
  4. Travelling at every opportunity
  5. Paying exorbitant prices to get into a club after 12am
  6. When you realise your speech is taking on english inflictions and phrases, and people get confused on where you are from
  7. Eat multiple curries on Brick Lane
  8. Bar hop along the South Bank
  9. Going to all the free museums and art galleries
  10. Using group on to get cheaper experiences because you still can’t get over how expensive London is
  11. Watch the boat race between Cambridge and Oxford on the Thames
  12. One night you somehow end up at Clapham Grand or The Slug
  13. Go to Wimbledon and line up in that ridiculous queue
  14. Day trip to Brighton, Cambridge or Oxford because you can
  15. Fish and Chip Friday and Sunday Roast become a part of your regular routine 
  16. You go to the pub just to drink and catch up with friends. This happens a lot!
  17. You give in and pay the high prices of gym memberships
  18. Your accent becomes slightly posh and everyone just doesn’t understand.
  19. You eat a lot more scones and drink much more tea than you used to
  20. You hate tourists and their selfie sticks
  21. BBQ’s in the park with a tin tray becomes a regular thing
  22. Winter Wonderland is a constant social outing
  23. Looking to book another holiday to get away from the English rain
  24. You own more than one Christmas Jumper
  25. You hate shopping in crowds and avoid Oxford Street like the plague
  26. You love cocktail happy hour
  27. You rock up to work the next day hungover
  28. It annoys you when people walk slow when catching any form of public transport
  29. You make friends with other expats and when their VISA ends its like a bad break up
  30. Umbrella or sunnies? Take one, and you always need the other! So annoying…

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