12 Reasons Why London is as Great City for Expats

  1. London is central and is an easy access portal to all of Europe. It’s so close!

You can pretty much travel anywhere in the world from London. Whether you jet setting off for a weekend away or something a bit longer. To think you can be exploring Amsterdam within 50 minutes. Hey you can be in Africa within three hours. What?! It’s just insane! And just to think it takes a minimum of four hours to reach the other side of Australia!

  1. There is always something on, every night of the week

Unlike home, there is always something going on in London every day and night of the week. There is no such thing as a boring Monday if you don’t want one. Why not go to a west end show on Monday, play Bogan bingo on Thursday and go to stand up comedy on hump day?

  1. All the museums and art galleries are free

Even when you are absolutely broke from all your travelling and you need to stay in one place for a while to rebuild your bank account balance, there is always something free you can do in London. Especially with an endless list of different museums and art galleries, one can never get bored.

  1. The expat community is huge!

This beautiful city is so multicultural you will get confused who is originally a London local. Different areas of London tend to house different cultural expat communities. South West London, especially Putney, Fulham and Clapham is known for being the current Aussie/Kiwi area. Where as in North-East London it is mainly Turkish. There are numerous expat Facebook groups and pages where the expats join together to support each other and meet new friends at organized events.

  1. There are so many day trips you can go on to escape the busy city

If you ever feel like you need a city break for the day it is very easy to jump on a bus, tour or train and escape to the country side. I mean, Brighton and Cambridge are only a 50 minute train ride away!

  1. Central hub for all international sport. Hello Wimbledon!

Name your sport and there is no doubt at some point during the year it will be being played in London. I never really knew what Lacrosse was and I have now watched the Women’s World Cup. Who would of thought? 

  1. Embracing all the English clichés.

You cannot have the proper expat experience if you do not embrace the clichés. Have high tea in a fancy hotel in Soho, catch the red double-decker bus, drink lots of tea and eat a roast on Sundays. The list is endless!

  1. There are parks everywhere!

I still can’t get over the large amount of parks you can find in London. When in them, you would have no idea that you are in one of the largest cities in the world. There are plenty of birds and squirrels! I love walking down to river in South-West London to be surrounded by trees and water. It is unreal.

  1. So many markets…

You haven’t had the true London experience if you haven’t been to one of the many popular markets in London, especially Notting Hill, Borough Markets or Camden. They have everything you could possibly ever need.

  1. Great night life and social atmosphere

London is great for socializing with your friends and meeting new people. Every pub in London is always bouncing towards the end of the working week and on the weekend. People love to go out for a drink and unwind from the stressful week. There are many types of night-life to experience depending on what takes your fancy!

  1. A city that never sleeps

Do people ever sleep here? You will be surprised how many people are on a bus at 3am in the morning. I know where I would prefer to be. Getting those much-needed zzz’s.

  1. One of the main cultural center’s of the world

It has every kind of food delicacy, specialty stores, and language class you can imagine.

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