Ireland’s Stereotypical Bucket List

Ireland, what a lovely green country it is! If you want the stereotypical Irish experience, believe me it is very possible. I still remember getting into an Uber with one of my friends who hadn’t been to Ireland since she was little. We arrived in Belfast and it was grey and pouring with rain. And we were thinking, hmmm what can we even do in this weather. So we asked our driver on the way to our accommodation, and he literally game out with the most stereotypical answer. Both of us could not believe it, he said;  “you go sit in a pub with ya mates and drink guinness and listen to some local music. a great way to spend the day in Belfast.” So ok, why not? You can have an absolutely rad time as we found out, and these memories won’t be forgotten any time soon!

If you ever find yourself in Ireland, and you want these stereotypical experiences, here is what I recommend you do:

  1. Drink Guinness
  2. Sit in a pub that is having a jam session
  3. Eat Lam Stew
  4. When you get bad weather, just go and sit in a pub and drink more Guinness
  5. Spend your time travelling around in a rain jacket
  6. Drive the tiny lanes of Ireland and meet a car coming the other way. Shit…
  7. Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Dublin
  8. Always hunt for Irish music to listen to every night
  9. Have a chin wag with a local
  10. Eat fresh local sea food
  11. Fill up purely on Guinness
  12. Try and copy the Irish accent… and fail. (Of which I am still constantly reminded of!)

Anything else to add? Please do share!

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