A Quick Guide to Derry

Derry, also known as Londonderry, is the second largest city in Northern Ireland. It is up the top at the end of the Causeway coast. You need at least a good half-day if you hope to explore Derry properly. Here is a few of the essential sites you need to see;

  1. Walk the City Walls 

There are city walls that surround the whole city center of Derry. You can walk around the wall in about 2 hours depending how much you stop along the way to see the other attractions. It is a lovely walk on a sunny day! 

  1. Free Derry Corner

Free Derry Corner, this is where most of the fighting took place on Bloody Sunday and where many Irishman locked themselves into the area against the British Army. It is a very strong and significant place in Northern Ireland.

  1. Free Derry Museum 

Next to Free Derry corner is the Free Derry museum. This is all about the IRA battles within Derry and Bloody Sunday. It is very cheap to get in and is extremely interesting if this part of history takes your fancy. You could easily spend hours in this museum learning about the tragedy and the cover up.

  1. St Columb’s Cathedral

The oldest and biggest Gothic Cathedral in Derry! It is located inside the city walls and the inside has some very different led light work and decoration. It costs just a small donation to go inside.

  1. Tower Museum

The tower museum exhibits the history of Derry and Northern Ireland. It also has an open-air view platform where you can get a good view over the whole city!

  1. Peace Bridge

The most modern suspension bridge in the city, just a cool bridge basically.

  1. Bloody Sunday Monument

A tribute to all those who lost their lives during Bloody Sunday and the horrible cover up. It is still unbelievable that a full investigation did not occur until the 2000’s! May they all rest in peace.

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