Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

For many years I have heard of the famous Edinburgh Tattoo and Fringe Festival. And I have finally been able to go and have a short visit of these amazing festivities. The city is absolutely bouncing with life, culture, fun and people absolutely everywhere! Rolling in, it was not the normal Edinburgh I know and love. I have now seen it in a completely different light; one that you could have so many antics in.

I love theatre, music and comedy! With over 350 different shows you can go and see, how on earth do you choose?! Basically you just have a flick through the massive fringe magazine, find some random shows and just roll with it. In my two days, I saw four very different shows and they were all great in their own way. I could have easily stayed a whole week and not got bored.


How could I not go see a comedy with the name of avocado? Avocado is one of my favourite foods in the whole world. This was a series of Sketch acts based on the current living situations of the current 20-something year olds in the world. Ie. the world of brunching, Harry Potter, ridiculous prices of buying a property, the complex art of flat whites and the world of dating apps.  I laughed my socks off and it was so true it hurt.


Colin Cloud. I was absolutely mystified. He is an illusionist. He could read your mind, put you into hypnosis, and predict the immediate future of events. I have never seen anything like it, and enjoyed it hugely. Some things you just think, surely he did his research and this is just a trick? But no, somethings really weren’t…


I very different form of theatre, but from the health teachers perspective, also so educational! (Although I am not sure if the actress would agree with me). This piece of autographical theatre was about the current obsession and trend of “Wellness”. How it can become an obsession which has now been diagnosed as a new eating disorder. Ie, eating nothing with processed fats, sugars, everything has to be made of raw materials and burning off everything. How it is said certain foods are carcinagenic, and how mindfulness is the new healthy. FASCINATING!


A bit of walk in comedy. Three guys, sketch acts, stand up comedy. Great laughs. It never hurts to try some of the free acts, who knows, you might discover something great! my favourite part of this was one them trying to be yoga instructor that was not os calm!


Walking along the royal mile, there are plenty of free shows going on every hour in the street, stopping and watching is just half the fun! Soak up that fabulous atmosphere!

P.S. Don’t be scared to sit in the front row, it makes it all that much more fun!

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