Road Tripping Southern Iceland!

ICELAND… The land of ice and fire! This beautiful country constantly amazed me with its beautiful scenery and jaw dropping views. It is a country where, in my opinion, you must hire a car to do it properly! The landscape varies with highlands, volcanoes, black sand beaches, the list just goes on. It is quite different from anywhere else in the world.

Southern Iceland is an easy day trip from the country’s capital of Reykjavik. However, make sure you allow for a good nights sleep the night before as there is going to be a lot of driving and a long day of about 10-12 hours. Take a packed lunch as there are so many places you can pull up to and enjoy the view.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

This is the first major stop on the south coast. You can get up and close to this waterfall and walk right behind the falling water. Just be prepared to get wet!!! Despite forgetting to take my raincoat and looking slightly like a drowned rat, it is truly an experience I am not going to forget anytime soon!

Skogafoss Waterfall

If you thought the first waterfall is amazing, wait until you see Skogafoss! Unfortunately you can’t get up as close and personal as the previous one but the flow of water off the cliff is extreme. There is constantly rainbows being formed and it makes for a pretty setting in the landscape. You are able to climb up to the top of waterfall for a good view over the southern coastline.

Icelandic Horses

As you continue to drive along the south coast, you will drive past many Icelandic horse farms. They are friendly breed and are the only breed of horse allowed in Iceland. This is because it reduces the chance of disease. There are many horse riding activities you can go on if you wish. They are meant to be one of the smoothest rides!

Solheimajokull Glacier

One of the main activities in Iceland is to hike a glacier. The major one on the south coast is called Solheimajokull. This glacier is impressive to look at even if your not hiking on it with a tour company.

Dyrholaey Limestone Cliff

Just before you reach the town of Vik, there is an impressive cliff face which boasts an impressive scene. What can I say? It picture postcard perfect.

Plane wreck

Not far from the town of Vik, is a plane wreck of a military plane on the beach. From the car park, it is an hour walk to the wreckage and is becoming a popular tourist spot. I wish I had time to make the stop, and regret not going so. If only I had been out on the road earlier!

Black sand beaches

The contrast of colours, the formations of the rocks and cliffs is just amazing.

Eldhraun Lava Field

This is what I would like to call walking on planet mars. This area of Iceland looks like this from a volcano eruption, where the lava formed interesting rock formations on the ground and is now covered by moss. Another one of Iceland’s many natural wonders, pretty cool yeah?

Black Diamond Beach

If you do have time, I highly recommend going to Black diamond beach. Here on the black sand there are huge chunks of ice scattered all over.

Do you have any other recommendations, please leave your comments to share with other MOW readers!!!

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