One Day in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is one of the cutest and brightest little cities I have visited in Europe, and everything is within walking distance. The population of Ljubljana is only 200, 000 which makes the locals very friendly and creates a nice atmosphere in the heart of town. Being so close to Italy and the sea, it has a good variety of seafood on offer as well as fantastic gelato! I visited in the peak of summer so the gelato was definitely most welcome!

An emerald river runs right through the middle of the picturesque city into old town. The river is lined with alfresco cafe and restaurant settings, creating a great ambience as you stroll through this gorgeous city. I would have to add Ljubljana to my list of fairytale towns within Europe which boasts of pastel coloured buildings, cobbled streets, craft shops and cute alleyways.

One day is the right amount of time to soak up this little city in the heart of Europe, but here is what you should not miss out on;

Triple Bridge and Preseren Square

The heart of the old town. There are three bridges here that connect you to the many restaurants, cafes, bars and the nightlife of Ljubljana. There are many street performers to entertain you, and who can deny that it is a great spot for a photo for the gram!?

Ljubljana Cathedral

This church may not look like much from the outside besides it’s intricate doors, however once you step inside you will be blown away! Trust me! The colours used to decorate the inside of the church is absolutely stunning and the outside will no longer matter.

Ljubljana Castle

At the top of the hill overlooking the city is Ljubljana Castle. After a steady hike up the side of the mountain you will be greeted with a panoramic view. However, if you are feeling slack like I was, you can take a gondola up the side of the hill and walk down afterwards. The castle has several rooms you can visit that have been set up to how they were once used, as well as taking you through the history of the castle.

Dragon Bridge

The dragon is the symbol of Ljubljana. Here on this bridge it has four brass dragons guarding the old city. This is where the old town of Ljubljana starts and the intricate work of this bridge is worth a visit just on its own.

Market Square

If you want to go to a local market, this is the one to go to. Here is where the locals sell their fresh produce and other goodies. Also a great variety of hats to select from if you should need one. I love mine that I brought here!

Cacao Cafe

GELATO! This would have to have the widest variety of ice-cream desserts I have ever seen! If you love Gelato, you must go here!

Tivoli City Gardens

The City Gardens are on the Northern edge of the city, but if you are after some greenery this is the place to go. In the centre of it you can visit a number of art galleries. But BEWARE, they are closed on Mondays which I discovered much to my dislike.

Cobbers Bridge

What can I say, another bridge with another great view!

Enjoy a drink or meal next to the river

It’s the best way to soak up the cities ambience

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