Who is ‘Miles of Wanderlust’?

Hello! My name is Camille and I am the author of Miles of Wanderlust. I am originally from Australia and from a small town south of Perth in Western Australia. I am currently living and working in London, fulfilling my dream to explore the world one country at a time, and to share these travel stories with you. Miles of Wanderlust is home to my travel stories, reviews, adventures and expat lifestyle, to give you insight into places you wish to visit yourself or new experiences that you would like to try.

My wish is to inspire others to travel to new places, explore new cultures and maybe inspire you to try the expat travel lifestyle! I hope you enjoy reading about my travel adventures here on

How do you afford to travel regularly?

Unfortunately much to all of our disappointment, we all now travelling is not cheap. To afford my travel I work hard to earn a decent wage and live on a very tight budget. This means sticking to a budget that I figure out after each pay check so I can put away as much money as possible. One has to do these things when you have a love for travel!

Who do you travel with?

80% of the time I travel solo, but I am sometimes joined by friends and family. Many of my friends ask “Don’t you get lonely travelling by yourself?”, and the answer is no. This is because whenever I travel, I meet and make friends with new people, it is part of the experience. It can also be a nice break having some solo time by yourself and is something I believe everyone should try at least once.

Why did you chose to move overseas to travel?

I chose to move overseas and try the expat life in London as I wanted to get the experience of living in a different country. Experience the difference in culture, lifestyle, food, history, the list is endless. Also living in the UK the flying time to most countries is shorter, which means it is cheaper to travel, instead of coming from Australia. And lets face it, Australia is not close to anything unlike England to Europe!

Where is your favourite travel destination?

When people ask me this question I can never come back with a simple answer. There are different things I love about different countries. I love the country I come from, Australia, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. Other favourite countries include Italy, Scotland, Germany, Finland and New Zealand. There are still many places I am yet to travel to and I am sure these will challenge my top 5!

Where have you travelled?


England, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Iceland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Wales

Africa & Middle East

Morocco, Namibia

Australasia and Oceania

Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia